What makes Digiprove different to the others?

The Digiprove service is indeed different to other systems and services you might have looked at. Because it is a patented process, the same thing is simply not on offer elsewhere. Here are some of the key aspects of Digiprove's service that make it unique:

Tamper-proof certification = Real Proof

Secrecy and Confidentiality assured

Every certificate of content issued by Digiprove is digitally signed and time-stamped. The cryptographic techniques to do this are proven in military and industrial security applications, making it impossible for anyone to forge a Digiprove certificate using today's computing power.

Furthermore, our regular publication of "digital fingerprints" of issued certificates makes it impossible for even Digiprove itself to back-date a certificate.
It is not necessary to reveal your content to Digiprove to facilitate the certification process. The only data that must be sent to Digiprove's servers is the "Digital Fingerprint" of the file, which is calculated on your own computer. Below is an example digital fingerprint:


This is enough data for us to certify your content beyond doubt, but not enough for anyone to be able to recreate it so this remains secret to you.

Unlimited Certificate Validity

Quick and Convenient

The certificate that is issued when you Digiprove your content does not expire, and can be validated online free-of-charge by you or by any third party. Even after your subscription expires, your certificate will remain valid - although of course there are many benefits to remaining a subscriber.
The Digiprove service is available at www.digiprove.com and is accessible through any modern browser - it works on PCs, Macs, or Linux computers. There is no software to install on your machine, and the registration process takes minutes. Once you have completed your first Digiprove transaction it is simply a matter of a few mouse-clicks for any subsequent transaction.
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