The Digiprove Audit Trail

It is critical to any supplier of certification services which are ultimately required to stand up to legal scrutiny and be resistant to challenge that there is a rigid audit trail that is:
  • Complete - Every single certificate issued is reflected in the audit trail
  • Transparent - It is openly verifiable at any time without request to Digiprove
  • Respects Confidentiality - Does not reveal identity of users or any user-owned content
  • Tamper-Proof - Once created, cannot be altered, even by Digiprove itself
  • Up to date - The permissible time gap for publishing the audit trail is hours rather than days
The Digiprove engine makes use of digital fingerprint technology to uniquely identify content and references content by its fingerprint within the certification process. Within the audit trail, this has been taken a stage further, and the essential details of all issued certificates on a daily basis are combined, fingerprinted (called a super-fingerprint) and certified in a "Super-Certificate". The Super Certificate is itself included in the audit trail.

In addition to periodically publishing super-fingerprints in a printed medium (example). The complete master audit trail is maintained by Digiprove, and since January 2011 every digitally-signed Super Certificate is also published independently online (other than where they are available for inspection by anyone. The certificate itself contains the timestamp and the digital signature.

The complete list of every issued certificate containing the date and time stamp, the fingerprint of the Digiproved content, and the fingerprint of the certificate, is published also on a daily basis and is available for inspection and/or download by Digiprove subscribers.
Links to publicly accessible Chain of Certification:
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