Resources - Digiprove's API - Register new user
Submitting a Request to register a new user
The user information should be encapsulated in an XML message along with user credentials. The message will be in the following format:
<user_agent>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</user_agent>string identifying the originating software and system
<user_id>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</user_id>Mandatory: string max 40 - note this is usually the user's email address
<password>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</password>Mandatory: minimum 6 characters
<email_address>xxxxxxxxxx</email_address>Mandatory: User activation link will be sent to this email address
<domain_name>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</domain_name>Name of domain for which an API key is requested
<first_name>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</first_name>Either this or last_name required
<last_name>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</last_name>Either this or first_name required
<display_name>Xxx</display_name>Yes or No - Whether name to be included on certificate display pages
<email_certs>Xxx</email_certs>Yes or No - Whether content certificates should be emailed to user
<subscription_plan>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</subscription_plan>Reserved for future use (this function currently only sets up a free user)
Processing a Register User Request
This xml envelope is submitted to Digiprove's SOAP service, which will perform the following:
  • Parse and validate XML; if valid, proceed to
  • Set up a new 'Basic' user on Digiprove member register
  • Send confirmation email to new user containing activation link
  • Send back a response in an XML envelope in the format defined below
Format of Register User Response
<result_code>999</result_code>See below for values
<result>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</result>"Success" or error description
<api_key>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</api_key>Is supplied if domain name was supplied with request - unique key for messages from that domain for that user
<subscription_type>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</subscription_type>For future use - presently always contains "Basic"
Result Codes
0 - Success
100 - User id already taken
110 - Internal error
120 - XML validation error (as described in <result> tag)
130 - Other Error (as described in <result> tag)
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