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Submitting a Digiprove Certify Request
The message will be in the following XML format:
<user_agent>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</user_agent>string identifying the originating software and system
<user_id>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</user_id>Mandatory: string max 40 characters - note this is usually the user's email address
<password>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</password>Either this or api_key/domain pair must be submitted. Minimum 6 characters
<domain_name>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</domain_name>Name of domain matching the API key submitted, or for which a new API key requested
<api_key>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</api_key>API key corresponding to domain
<request_api_key>Yes</request_api_key>Request a new API key for domain_name above - password must be supplied
<original_document_id>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</original_document_id>Optional, but is required if version tracking is required
<document_title>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</document_title>Optional: document title
<authors>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</authors>Optional: document author or authors
<linkback>Xxxxxxxx</linkback>Optional: if included, must be "Linkback"; or "Nolink"
<return_dp_cert>Xxx</return_dp_cert>Optional: "Yes" or "No" (default is No)
<reserved_cert_url>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</reserved_cert_url>Optional, supply return value from an earlier Reserve Certificate Url operation
Following set of tags can be repeated up to 50 times:
<content_wrapper>Mandatory if more than one content set
<content_type>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</content_type>Optional: max 30 characters
<content_data>xxxxxxxxxxxx</content_data>Optional: data to be certified; for text content, characters &, <, >, ', and " should be xml-encoded (e.g. &lt; for <). Binary content should be BASE64 encoded.
<content_fingerprint>xxxxxxxxxxxx</content_fingerprint>Either this or <content_data> should be supplied, not both.
<inner_fingerprint>xxxxxxxxxxxx</inner_fingerprint>Optional, the fingerprint of just the raw content contained in the file, excluding metadata etc.
<metadata_fingerprint>xxxxxxxxxxxx</metadata_fingerprint>Optional, the fingerprint of the metadata contained in the file.
<thumbnail_fingerprint>xxxxxxxxxxxx</thumbnail_fingerprint>Optional, for images etc., the fingerprint of the thumbnail contained in the file.
<content_local_path>xxxxxxxxxxxx</content_local_path>Optional: location of content file on local filesystem
<content_url>http://xxxxxxxxxxxx</content_url>Optional: location of content on internet
<content_file_size>9999999999</content_file_size>Optional: content file size in bytes
<content_file_last_modified>yyyymmdd</content_file_last_modified>Optional: last modified date of content
End of group of tags that can be repeated
<obscure_certificate_url>Xxx</obscure_certificate_url>Yes/No: if Yes, the url of the certificate notice will incorporate a random string
<email_confirmation>Xxx</email_confirmation>optional: whether an email confirmation is required for this transaction
Processing a Digiprove Certify Request
This xml envelope is submitted to Digiprove's SOAP service, which will perform the following:
  • Parse and validate XML; if valid, proceed to
  • Check user credentials
  • Content will be Digiproved and the certified content included in our tamper-proof audit trail
  • The user will receive a digitally-signed certificate by email
  • Send back a response in an XML envelope in the format defined below
Format of Digiprove Certify Response
<result_code>999</result_code>See below for values
<result>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</result>"Success" or error description
<digital_fingerprint>xxxxxxxxxxx</digital_fingerprint>Uses SHA256 algorithm; will only be supplied if different to fingerprint supplied (or no fingerprint supplied)
<certificate_url>xxxxxxxxxx</certificate_url>a url which will display confirmation of the Digiproved content
<certificate_file>xxxxxxxxxx</certificate_file>BASE64-encoded certificate file - only supplied if return_dp_cert set to "Yes" in request
<certificate_filename>xxxxxxxxxx</certificate_filename>Certificate filename - only supplied if return_dp_cert set to "Yes" in request
<subscription_type>xxxxxxxxxx</subscription_type>the last-recorded subscription type for this user (string)
<subscription_expiry>xxxxxxxxxx</subscription_expiry>expiry date of last subscription - not supplied for free accounts - date string
Result Codes
0 - Success
101 - User id/password combination not found
102 - User id not activated
103 - User account closed
110 - Internal error
120 - XML validation error (as described in <result> tag)
130 - Other Error (as described in <result> tag)
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