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SelfProtect functions


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Digiprove Files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send Certified Emails Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of users 1 1 1 3 5
Upload File Size 2mb 2mb 5mb 10mb 10mb
Max files per credit 1 30 30 30 30
Monthly Credits * None ( free at sign-on) 25 120 600 4,000
Annual Credits * 300 1,440 7,200 48,000
Additional credits * $1.20 50 cents 27 cents 17 cents 12 cents
WebProtect functions

(For users of Wordpress
Copyright Proof

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Transactions per day 10 50 500 2000 Unlimited
Digiprove Media Files No,
just text
max 5
per post
max 20
per post
Unlimited Unlimited
Access Members' area One month Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Websites 1 10 20 100 Unlimited
Digiprove/© notice Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certificate Display at Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use Standard Licenses Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Licenses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional email of
Digiprove certs
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linkback on certificate display Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Content saved online Yes Yes Yes
AutoProtect functions
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Auto-Digiprove chosen folders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transactions per day 10 50 500 2000 Unlimited
Max files per transaction 50 50 50 50
Software Development Kit Yes Yes
Id-Verify Program id-v id-v id-v id-v
Online Space None 50mb 200mb 2gb 20gb
Email Support Yes Yes 24-hour response 24-hour response 4-hour response
Help Desk Yes Yes
Subscription Monthly Free $10 $32 $95 $550
Annual $100 $320 $950 $5,500
Notes on payment plans:
* Credits are used to regulate transactions performed via SelfProtect or AutoProtect. Transactions generated through WebProtect (the Wordpress Copyright Proof plugin) do not require credits. All plans incorporate 3 free credits at sign-up.
Why is there no totally-free plan except for Wordpress-only users?
The Digiprove service is a real industrial strength solution, incorporating patented technology for tamper-proof audit trail and cryptographic proof running as a web service. Digiprove is the only such service that has been independently tested. This service delivers.
Is there a discount for annual subscriptions?
Yes.  Sign up to any of our plans for a year and we will give you twelve months for the price of ten.  The full 12 month allocation of credits is immediately added to your balance.
Is there a Free Trial period?
Yes, all subscription plans are free for the first month.
How do I close my account?
You may close your account at any time, at There is no fee for this. You will lose access to the online services. However Digiprove certificates you have obtained remain valid.
How are my credits consumed?
Digiproving a file (or a number of files) = 1 credit
Storing a file online = 1 credit
Forwarding a file by content-certified email = 1 credit
Online space (above permitted allocation) = 1 credit per mb per month
Downloading a signed copy of a certificate = 1 credit
Digiproving a blog (via Wordpress Plugin "Copyright Proof") = 0 credits
When Digiproving files, zip files - even large ones - count as 1 file. The number of files you can Digiprove for one credit depends on the subscription plan.
Can I top-up my credits?
Yes.  At any time you can purchase additional credits.
Enterprise Licensing
We offer licensing and usage plans for corporate or institutional users who can deploy Digiprove across the organisation and/or integrate with corporate systems.  Call +353 1 4404312 or email for more information.

Detailed terms and conditions can be reviewed here.
The Basic plan is for for occasional users at or non-commercial users of the "Copyright Proof" plugin for Wordpress. There is no subscription fee. It is also good if you want to try it out without buying or giving any credit card details. You will have access to the members' area for one month. The account is pre-loaded with 3 Digiprove credits, which are for use at

Additional credits can be purchased in any quantity, and members' area access will continue for a month from any such purchase.
The Personal plan is for non-commercial users of the "Copyright Proof" plugin for Wordpress or any user who needs the additional facilities indicated in the plan, such as multi-domain support. It is also for users who want regular access through the members' area at to Digiprove File or email functions. For such users this plan includes a monthly or annual allowance of credits for use on the website, and top-up credits can be purchased in multiples of 10.
The Professional plan is suitable for commercial users or other users with a regular need for Digiproving. Top-up credits can be purchased in multiples of 10 or more.
The Corporate Light plan is for those who will use Digiprove regularly during the day or who want embed the technology in their own systems through use of the AutoProtect app or Software Development Kit.  As it permits up to 3 individual users to work from the same account, it is ideal for small teams.  Top-up credits are available in multiples of 20.
The Corporate plan is for small companies (or departments) who have adopted Digiproving as a systematic solution to their requirements, whether embedded into their existing software or used at  All features of Digiprove are available. It permits multiple users to operate as a team.
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