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Choose Payment Plan
We offer a range of payment plans, so you should choose the one that most suits your likely usage pattern.  There is a "Basic" plan which has no subscription fee.  It will give you access to the members' area for a month and will contain 3 free credits.  After the free period/credits it becomes effectively a pay-as-you-go plan.  This is useful for occasional users of those who simply want to try the service.

The other plans are subscription-based.  The key difference is the number of credits you want to load into your balance - these credits are used to "pay" for your usage of Digiproving (e.g. a simple Digiprove of a local file on your machine costs one credit only).  You can however purchase additional credits at any time.

If you intend to use the certified email forwarding service to deliver Digiproved files to third parties, then you should also select a plan that works for your file sizes.
Information about Plans
The price plan summary table shows the key information about each type of plan.  To see the full comparison of features click on the words "Show Full Features" in top left of the table; this will cause an extended table to be displayed.  To revert back to the summary click "Show Plan Summary".

When you hold your mouse pointer over the various columns denoting the various types of plan you will see a description of that type. 
Selecting your Plan
To select a type of plan just click on the relevant column, or select it from the "Type" dropdown list below the price plan table.  A short description about your chosen type will display in the text box below the table.  If you have chosen a subscription type other than "Basic" you will need to specify your preferred frequency of payment (monthly or annual); you do this either by click on the words "Monthly" or "Annual" on the left-hand side of the price plan table, or by selecting from the "Frequency" drop-down list.

Your chosen type and frequency of plan will be highlighted in the table.
Here is displayed the number of credits you will have in your account to use immediately, based on your chosen plan.
Here is displayed the price of your chosen plan.  Note that for Irish corporate customers, or those from the EU who do not have a VAT number, Irish VAT of 23% will apply also.
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