Help Centre - Certified Email
What is Certified Email?
Certified email is just like ordinary email, but with an important difference: irrefutable evidence is created of:
  • The fact that you sent an email at a particular date and time
  • The fact that it was you who sent the email
  • What the contents of the email was
  • Who the recipients were

This will allow you to prove that you sent that critical message and gives credibility to you rather than the other party is there is a dispute as to what was said when.

Use this form of email for any legally or compliance critical message.

Email Address

Enter your own email address.  This will be used as the sending email address; it also becomes your User Id at Digiprove. If this is your first time to use the service, you will be asked for some other information to enable your registration at Digiprove.

If you are already a Digiprove user, you will just need to enter your password.

Blank passwords are not allowed and the minimum number of characters is 6.   Passwords containing a combination of letters and numbers are considered stronger.

Press the CC button to select CC recipients from your contact list (existing Digiprove users only)

Otherwise, just key in the requires email address(es). Separate multiple email addresses with a ";" character.

Choose Style

The discreet plain-text choice will appear very much like a normal email to the recipient, with a low-key mention of the fact that the email is certified by Digiprove.

The other option (with strong Digiprove branding) will draw very clear attention to the fact that the email has been certified.


This is a note for your own purposes. It is shown against this email in the history of transactions (available when you log in to the Digiprove members' area).

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