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You must be a registered user to log in to Digiprove and avail of its services.
If you have already registered, but have forgotten your password, you can set up a new password providing you can correctly answer the security question. Click here to do this now:  Forgotten Password
If you have already registered but have forgotten your User ID, try using your email address. For personal (non-corporate)
users, this is the default value. Click here now to go back to Login page to try this: Back to Login page

If you are a corporate user, you should contact your administrator, who has this information.

If none of this helps, you can contact us with your personal details and we will remind you of your User ID by email to the original email address you gave us when registering. Click here to do this - Contact Us
If you have not previously registered you can subscribe now in a few easy steps, and you'll be able to choose the subscription plan that suits your needs. Click here to do this now:  Subscribe
If you would prefer to try the service for free, you can open a "Basic" account which has no subscription fee and you will start with 3 free "credits" to enable your use of the service, which will allow you to obtain Digiprove certificates for your content.  You won't be able to use our online storage services under this plan.  You can purchase additional credits or upgrade to a full subscription later if you decide to become a regular user.  Register now for free Basic subscription.
To find out more about Digiprove's subscription plans, click here:  Which Subscription Plan to Choose
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