Help Centre - Subscribe / Register Final Step (Activate your account)
Wait for activation email
Once you have successfully entered your details and (if you selected a regular subscription account) made payment, an email is sent immediately from our server to your given email address. The purpose of this is to determine that the email address was keyed in correctly and can be used to communicate with you.
Browse to link contained in the email
Once you have received the email, just click on the link contained in it, or copy and paste the link into your browser.

Your Digiprove user id (which is normally your email address) will be displayed, and you will be requested to input the password you chose when registering, to confirm that this is indeed you. Once this is done, your registration is fully complete and you will be brought to the members' area automatically.
If the activation email (with subject "Digiprove Activation Key") has not arrived within a few minutes of completing your registration/subscription submission, please check your junk mail (or bulk mail) folder in case it has been wrongly categorised as spam.

If, after clicking on the link in the email, you receive a message "This link is invalid or no such user", it is probable that some of the text of the link may have been truncated from the link by your email software; try reading the email in plain-text format (it is transmitted by us in both plain-text and html formats), then copying and pasting the link into your browser.

If you are still having difficulties, please contact us at or by telephone at +353 1 4404312.

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