Help Centre - Value Added Tax - how does it work?
Value Added Tax is an EU-wide tax on sales.  Because Digiprove is registered in Ireland, this tax is applicable to all sales to EU-resident persons and companies.  If you live outside the European Union, this tax does not apply and Digiprove will not charge any such taxes.

For sales to EU resident individuals and companies, the VAT rate applicable is 21%.  If you are an EU entity registered for VAT, the VAT may be reclaimable - please check your local tax laws to confirm this.  Wherever VAT is charged by Digiprove, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase by email which will detail the amount of VAT charged and our VAT reference to facilitate this. 
Digiprove's policy is to quote prices on Personal and Professional plans inclusive of VAT, if it is due.  Quoted prices on Corporate plans are exclusive of VAT.

For sales of corporate plans to EU-registered companies based outside Ireland, the user may opt to input the company's VAT registration number.  In these circumstances, Digiprove will not charge VAT on the transaction, and it will be the responsibility of the purchasing company to deal appropriately with any VAT liability.

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