Help Centre - Renewing Subscription Plans
You can choose to renew your subscription automatically.  This is done simply by ticking the box indicating your permission to use your credit card at renewal time when making your initial subscription payment.  This choice can also be reviewed and modified online by choosing "Preferences" button on the left, then "Payment Details".

If you do not want automatic renewals, simply un-tick the above setting.  When your renewal is due, you will receive a reminder by email and you can then renew online by logging in and choosing the "Renew / Upgrade" option.

If you choose not to renew, any Digiprove certificates that you have already been issued with remain valid and do not expire.  Any Digiprove Credits in your account will be held for you for a period of six months; so if you re-activate your subscription within those six months your balance of Digiprove Credits will be restored.  Once a six-month period has passed, we reserve the right to remove all data from our system, except our audit trail record of issued Digiprove certificates.