Help Centre - Obtaining Additional Credits
You can obtain additional credits by purchasing them directly. Alternatively you renew your regular subscription plan or upgrade to a higher level one, when you will receive an additional month's or year's allocation of credits.

Purchasing Additional Credits
Select the "Additional Credits" option from the left-hand menu in the members' area. Select the number of credits you wish to purchase. Note the price-per-credit and the minimum quantities vary according to the plan you are on. For instance if you are on the entry-level Basic plan, the credits may be bought in units of one or more, while if you are on a Professional or higher plan, the credits are significantly better value.

Check out our payment plans for detailed information.

Obtaining credits by Renewing or Upgrading
You may renew your subscription up to 40 days ahead of due date. The renewal/extension will date from the due date, but the credits will be available to you immediately.

You may also upgrade your subscription with immediate effect, in which case you will receive the bigger allocation of credits associated with your new chosen plan. The Digiprove credits you have in your balance will carry forward to the new subscription type along with the new allocation of credits.
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