Help Centre - About Digiprove Credits
What are Credits?
Credits are used as entitlement for the Digiprove services. Each user receives an allowance of credits depending on the payment plan chosen. Additional credits may also be purchased as required.
How do they work?
  - Digiproving a file costs 1 credit
  - Uploading a file costs 1 credit
  - Forwarding a file by content-certified email costs 1 credit
  - Additional online space is 3 credits per mb (annually)
How long are they valid for?
Digiprove credits are valid as long as you have a subscription and they carry over from one subscription period to the next.  If your subscription lapses, we keep your credits available for up to six months and will become available for use if you re-activate your subscription within that period.
Purchasing additional credits
Subscribers may purchase additional credits whenever required. The price of these depends on your chosen payment plan.
Click here to see the pricing and more detailed information.
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