Tag your Digiproved content
Once you have protected your content with Digiprove, you should tag it with an appropriate notice and icon whenever you publish it online or send it via email. You can You should display it prominently with your content (as well as the copyright symbol), as a signal to would-be thieves that you value your content, have taken steps to protect it, and will be able to prove your ownership of it.
Protect your blog posts
To establish your copyright of your own blog posts, download our "Copyright Proof" Wordpress Plug-in. It runs in the background, giving you automatic Digiproving of any blog posts you publish, and (if you want it) a link back to your blog website. It is free for personal use.
Digiprove API
There is an API (Application Program Interface) for Digiprove, enabling developers to easily integrate Digiprove content certification services into their applications. Find out more.
Digiprove Offline Validator
Click here for instructions on how to validate a previously Digiproved content file against its certificate without an internet connection and to download the Digiprove Validator program.
Note: Requires a Windows operating system.
Digital Fingerprint Calculator
Click here to download a desktop program (for Windows) to calculate the Digital Fingerprint of a file on your computer.  This uses the "SHA256" algorithm and will work on any file.  This program can be used in conjunction with manual input of digital fingerprint when Digiproving a file.
Digiprove's Tamper-Proof Audit Trail
Read how Digiprove's tamper-proof audit trail is constructed and verified. This page also contains links for online inspection and verification of the audit trail.
Digiprove Autoprotect
Autoprotect is an application that will allow to to "Set and Forget" the folders and sub-folders on your machine or network to be Digiproved. The rest is automatic!  Find out more about Autoprotect or take it for a test drive.
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