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Every inventor wants patent protection in the U.S., the biggest single market in the world.  Under U.S. patent law, the date an invention is created is critical.  If there are two legitimate claimants for the same invention, the first to invent will prevail.

Until now most inventors have used dated lab notes and journals to support their case.  This requires diligence and is open to challenge.  Digiprove creates this evidence easily and cost-effectively, with independent tamper-proof certification.
Log into Digiprove, and simply select the file(s) containing the work you want to protect.  We will immediately email you a digitally-signed Digiprove content certificate which can be used to prove your possession of the content at the date and time you Digiproved it.

Unlike other services, file upload is not required.  This preserves confidentiality, and means that the Digiprove process is very quick.
It is critical that you do not publish your work that you intend to include in a patent application.  If you have to divulge any details then you should obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the other party.  Anything that is already in the public domain (even if Digiproved) is not patentable.

Consult a patent agent or attorney at an early stage.
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How it works
How it works How does Digiproving work for Creators?
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