Some or all of this content has been certified by Digiprove . There exists verifiable, time-stamped, and tamper-proof evidence of the content.
The Digiprove service is used by thousands of companies and individual users to:
  • Authenticate Digital Documents and Content
  • Prove compliance
  • Prove data integrity
  • Protect legal position
  • Create tamper-proof audit trails
  • Prove copyright entitlement
  • Prove ownership of intellectual property
It can be embedded into existing software applications so that it runs automatically, or can be deployed in other ways: There is a growing number of 3rd party software products, services, and websites which use Digiprove as an embedded technology, such as (timesheet management), - RoverTreks™: Wander ∙Endlessly ∙ For Less, and (Document authentication for brokers).
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