When you need to be able to prove what you did, what you said, and when:

Prove time-critical actions

If you are in a dispute:

Completely Confidential

Some communications simply have to be seen to take place by a given date or time, particularly when dealing with the authorities.  Job applications, letters to your bank, and many other important documents rely merely on assurances of the postal system.

Use Digiprove to send these communications and you will be able to prove the time and date you sent it, and the content of that communication.
  • Send your emailed communications via Digiprove's certified email service in order to later prove what you said and when you said it, and to make it difficult for the recipients to deny having received your email.

  • Use Digiprove's content certification service to create time-stamped evidence of your own notes or other data such as photographs or sound recordings.
Digiprove's content certification service can be used without uploading your information, because we use digital fingerprinting technology to uniquely identify files rather than the files themselves.

We certify your possession of this content by reference to that digital fingerprint.
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