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The publisher of the website you have just come from has a policy of Digiproving all content to establish and protect the rights of the owner(s) of such content.  This means that the Digiproving party can prove beyond doubt the time and date that they were in possession of all of this content.

This certification can prove ownership of original works or material contained in, or referred to by the website.
The fact that this content has been Digiproved is an expression by the author or publisher that he or she values the content that they own, and does not permit usage or further publication of such material (even where published on the website) except where expressly stated.

If you wish to use any content from the web-site you just visited, please ask permission from the author.
Copyright law is harmonised by treaties signed by nearly every country in the world.  It applies to a wide range of creations, including literary works, computer programs, dramatic works, artistic works, musical works, and sound recordings.

In general, copyright belongs to the creator from the moment of first recording or substantiating the work, even if the work has not been formally registered with any institutional body.  More about copyright.
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