Protect your client's and your own legal position

Prove time-critical actions

Chain of Evidence

Completely Confidential

Some communications simply must be seen to take place by a given date or time. Use Digiprove to certify the time and content of any communication, and also to email 3rd parties via an independent body.

For activities undertaken on behalf of your client, such as company secretarial or institutional filings, lay down a tamper-proof audit trail of those activities with Digiprove.
You can use the same technology to protect your own position or that of your client by creating a chain of evidence of your communications with your clients, with your opposite numbers in the legal profession and all connected parties to any situation.

This can also be used for internal or private notes, or to prove your prior possession of knowledge.
Any document or digital content can be certified without showing it or sending it to us, because we use digital fingerprinting technology to uniquely identify files rather than the files themselves.

We certify your (or your client's) possession of this content by reference to that digital fingerprint.
You can obtain these additional safeguards with immediate effect:
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