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Protection from Inception

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With the level of investment involved in creating something new and potentially world-changing, it is critical to protect your IP rights, beginning by establishing time-stamped evidence of every idea as it emerges.

Most organizations depend on document management, archival, and paper-based systems. Without independently-certified irrefutable proof of each timestamp, such records can be challenged in court.
Digiprove adds this evidence easily and cost-effectively, by supplying digitally-signed and time-stamped content certificates for all content that is Digiproved.

The service can be accessed and used from any web browser, or can be integrated into your existing I.T. infrastructure to automatically protect all content that you create.
Confidential: no content upload needed
Unique patented process
Independent 3rd party certification
Tamper-proof audit trail
Uses PKI
without complex administration
Supports team environments
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How it works
How it works How to prove ownership & compliance
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