FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will you retain files I have uploaded?

Only if you have instructed us to, by ticking the “Online Storage” box when uploading the content.  This service is intended to give you convenient access to your Digiproved data in the exact form it was in when Digiproved.  It is not intended to be an online backup service for all your data.

We will retain these files for as long as you are a paid-up subscriber.  If you stop being a subscriber, we will retain the files for a further 6 months and during that time you may renew your access by re-activating your subscription (at a cost of one month's subscription fee).  6 months after you have ceased to be a subscriber the data will no longer be available.

We do retain a complete history of all Digiprove certificates that we issue and these certificates are available for download to paid-up subscribers and can be obtained thereafter for a small administration fee from certificates@digiprove.com (will be sent to the email address on record for the user).

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