FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven't I received my user activation email to complete my registration?

If you have completed the registration or subscription process and have seen a confirmation screen, the email has already been sent from digiprove.com.  As this is the first email you will receive from digiprove.com, it may well be in your junk mail folder.  So that's the first place to look.  We use email to send you your Digiprove certificates and to confirm your transactions, so it is a good idea to mark the digiprove.com domain as a "safe sender" in your email settings.

If you don't find it in your junk mail folder, it may still be on its way to you.  If you still have not received the mail within your normal waiting time, please contact us at registrations@digiprove.com and we will reissue it to the email address you have given us.

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