FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are my online files?

All files that you upload to Digiprove for online storage are held on servers that have inbuilt "RAID resilience". This essentially means that the data is replicated within the server so that it will remain available if there is a hard disk failure and is recoverable in the event of a complete server failure.  To complete our security and protection of your information, off-line backups are held in another location.  Each of these facilities is physically secured with access only by authorised personnel.  The machines are all firewalled so that online access is provided only to authorised users, and the entire Digiprove infrastructure is regularly penetration-tested to ensure that our systems are secure.

This service is not, however, intended to be a guaranteed "locking away" of data for privacy purposes, as by its very nature, an online service is more open to attack than a similarly-protected offline facility.

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