FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How will my Digiprove Certificate of Content be delivered to me?

By default, your Digiprove certificate is sent to you as an e-mail.

In addition, the certificate is also repeated as an attachment to the mail, in an industry standard known as p7s – an abbreviation for PKCS7 (Public Key Cryptography Standard 7), which is specifically designed to contain digitally-signed text in a secure way.  This format is readable by various email clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) and by purpose-written programs, such as our Verify Digiprove Content program which can be downloaded from this website.  This attachment can be copied, saved to named directories, or forwarded to third parties, without losing the signature.

The reason the certificate is included in two formats is for convenience; it combines the ease of archiving and storage afforded by most email clients, and the ability to inspect, store, copy, or move the certificates outside your email system.

You can however set your preference for the certificate to be retained online for you to download if required, rather than receive an email.
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