FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Core Digiproving Process
The core process of digiproving involves us calculating a mathematical "digital fingerprint" of your content file, and providing you with a digitally signed and time-stamped "Certificate of content" which can prove that you were in possession of that exact content at a point in time.

Obtaining a certificate of content without upload
It is not necessary for you to send us your content in order to achieve this.  In this case, we simply run a small program on your computer (for the technically-minded, this is in the form of a java applet) which examines your chosen content file and calculates its digital fingerprint. Only the digital fingerprint is revealed to us, as that's all we need to enable us to issue you with a certificate of content.

Uploading your content file to obtain a certificate
You have the option of sending us your content file.  This can be useful if for instance your browser is not capable of running our java applets and you would prefer not to upgrade. In this case, you select your file and upload it to our server which then calculates the digital fingerprint, and prepares the certificate for you.

Sending your certified content to a named 3rd party
We can deliver your digital content to a named 3rd party for you by email.  This service can be used as a replacement for or alongside traditional registered delivery, as a way of certifying not just that something was sent, but what the content was, as we automatically append a Digiprove Certificate of content to your email.  Using Digiprove as an independent body to forward your important communications in this way also minimises the credibility of recipients denying receipt.

Storing a copy of your content with Digiprove
If you choose to upload content to our server you can elect to have this content retained online for future retrieval – so you can have a personal library on the web of important documents that can be accessed in a secure way over the internet.

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