This content has been Digiproved, and there is verifiable time-stamped evidence of its existence and provenance.
Digiprove has issued certificate P990191 certifying this content. The Digiprove user (User name is private) can cryptographically prove possession of the content identified in the certificate at 20 March 2018 07:08:49 UTC.
Digiprove Certificate Details
Date & Time:  20 March 2018 07:08:49 UTC
Certificate Number:  P990191
Transaction type:  Digiproved content
User Name:User name is private
Subject/Title: Stand Tall
Digital Fingerprint:02DB9557B17E919283C2B30C1116A0E56EC68DC8A9C3F5B439B1F57DF20BB0C2
The Digiprove service is used by thousands of companies and individual users to:
  • Authenticate Digital Documents and Content
  • Prove compliance
  • Prove data integrity
  • Protect legal position
  • Create tamper-proof audit trails
  • Prove copyright entitlement
  • Prove ownership of intellectual property
It can be embedded into existing software applications so that it runs automatically, or can be deployed in other ways: There is a growing number of 3rd party software products, services and websites which use Digiprove as an embedded technology, such as (timesheet management), RoverTreks™: Wander ∙ Endlessly ∙ For Less, and (Document authentication for brokers).
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