Digiprove Verify - Prove the Validity of a Digiprove Certificate

Note:   This page is for anyone (both Digiprove users and non users) who needs to verify whether a particular content file and content certificate are valid and matching.  Become a Digiprove user.
The certificate is embodied in a ".p7s" file, digitally signed by Digiprove, which is included as an attachment to the certifying email. Follow these steps to prove the validity of the certificate and the original content file:
1.  Save the .p7s attachment containing the Digiprove Content Certificate into your chosen folder/location.
2.  Click here to perform the verification online now.

(if you prefer to perform the verification offline on your PC)

2. Download the Digiprove Validator program using the link below.
The program will ask you to select the original content file that was digiproved and the p7s file. It will then run a number of checks:
  • that the P7s file conforms to industry standard and is properly signed
  • that the signer is signer@digiprove.com
  • that the public key identifying the signer is actually one of Digiprove's known keys
  • that the digital fingerprint of the content file conforms exactly to the digital fingerprint referenced in the Digiprove Certificate
If these checks are successful, you will see a message stating that the exact content file existed on the specified date and time.
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