It takes a lot to be compliant, but not to Digiprove it

Traceable Compliance

Provable Compliance

Compliance and Efficiency

Most companies are already bearing the burden of increased regulation. However, not so many companies can be sure or can prove to the regulators that all procedures are being followed on a day-to-day basis.

Digiprove provides, for the first time, a way of proving the compliance of your company with a unique combination of electronic integrity certification and verification - using digital records.
You can begin to use Digiprove immediately by obtaining tamper-proof, timestamped certificates of content for any documentary element in your compliance chain, everything from health and safety statements to institutional filings, to process-driven documents and sign-offs.

It is extremely easy to use and can be immediately integrated into the procedures and systems of any size of company.
In too many cases, efficiency and productivity take a back seat, because achieving the proof of compliance that regulators look for means lots of paperwork and duplication of effort.

Digiprove can be used to create evidence of compliance in the digital domain, and can be used as an independent stand-alone application, or be an embedded technology in an enterprise or existing document management system.
How confident are you that you are compliant and that you can prove it?
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