Copyright Proof - Digiprove your Blog Posts

Digiprove's online copyright proving service is well-known to creators. Now we're making it even easier to secure the copyright of your blog posts or web pages. The "Copyright Proof" Wordpress plugin automatically Digiproves the content of your web posts and pages. This gives you indisputable proof of the content, and the date and time of publication.

Not only that, but for every post that you Digiprove:
  • A notice and icon will be displayed at the foot of your blog post referencing the actual Digiprove certificate.
  • We create a digitally-signed certificate which protects your post
  • If you prefer, the certifying page will have a link-back to your blog site.
  • The digital fingerprint and timestamp of your post will be embedded in our audit trail
So much more effective than simply including a copyright notice. In addition, the notice (at your option) can include a licensing statement and/or acknowledgement/attribution text if appropriate.

Read the FAQ about Copyright Proof Wordpress Plugin
The plugin is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). In summary, this means that you may use, copy, modify, and share the plugin or the code within it provided any sharing or publication is itself under the terms of the GPL. If you intend to do anything other than simply use the plugin it is your responsibility to understand the GPL before downloading the plugin. Read the GPL.

You can always download the latest version of the Copyright Proof plug-in from within Wordpress itself or at the Wordpress plugin directory.

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