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Protection from Inception

How does it work?

If Wordpress drives your site:

Copyright law almost the world over states that you own your own original work from the moment of recording it. This applies equally to websites as it does to books or movies. Stealing content from websites is basically taking the bread off the table for those earn a living from creating stuff. But it happens all the time....

Digiprove now allows you to prove that your work is yours.
Every time you publish or update your work, simply Digiprove the file or files containing the content. This can be done here (you will be asked to log-in or register). We will immediately email you a Digiprove content certificate which proves and timestamps your possession of the content.

You can tag your content with an icon as shown below. Download icons here.

If you are a Wordpress user it's even easier - you can install the "Copyright Proof" plug-in which automatically Digiproves all your published work. It works in the background, detecting whenever you update your site.

If you have invested, time and energy, (or money) into creating this website, it has a value.  If someone likes the work you do they should come to you, right?
Prove you own it with a few clicks of the mouse  -  begin now:
How it works
How it works How to prove ownership & compliance
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