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How do you copyright a song? Copyright law the world over states that you own your creation from the moment of documenting or recording it. For songwriters, this means the moment you write down or record your song. But you must be able to prove when you did it.

Because digital data is easily changed, there is no easy proof that it hasn't been altered. Digiprove creates real tamper-proof evidence that stands up to technical scrutiny.
Log into Digiprove, and select the file containing the song(s) you want to protect.  This can be a document, a recording, even a zip file with lots of songs.  We will immediately email you a Digiprove content certificate which can be used to prove your possession of the song(s) at the date and time you Digiproved it/them.

Unlike other services, file upload is not required.  This preserves confidentiality, and means that the Digiprove process is very quick.
Once you have Digiproved your song, you have created the evidence of your ownership.  Now you can publish it online, share it with musicians, demo producers, etc. and freely promote it to agencies, artists, and others.  You can be secure in the knowledge that you can easily prosecute any plagiarism with the aid of your Digiprove certificate.

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