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Commercialising your Creation

Copyright law almost the world over states that you own your literary works from the moment of documenting or recording them, on paper or digitally.

Until now there has been no easy way to prove when that moment occurred; without this evidence your work can be stolen and you will be powerless to do anything about it.  Digiprove creates this evidence easily and cost-effectively.
Log into Digiprove, and select the file(s) containing the work you want to protect.We will immediately email you a Digiprove content certificate which can be used to prove your possession of the entire work at the date and time you Digiproved it.

Unlike other services, file upload is not required.  This preserves confidentiality, and means that the Digiprove process is very quick.
We recommend regular Digiproving of your plot notes and intermediate drafts; that way you are protecting all your work (not just what makes it to the final document).  Maintaining this trail of evidence allows you to start promoting your work to publishers, agencies and others with excerpts and summaries without having to trust every person who might have access to it as an email attachment, on a web-site or any digital medium.
Establish your Copyright with a few clicks of the mouse  -  begin now:
How it works
How it works How to prove ownership & compliance
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