Digiprove AutoProtect

Protect All Your Work Automatically

Set and forget! Select the folders which contain your sensitive data and Auto-protect takes care of automatically Digiproving your content.

Autoprotect is a program which you can install on your own machine, and it will run in the background automatically Digiproving all new or changed files in the folder(s) you select. It can look at network files as well as those on your own computer.

This allows all organisations to immediately start obtaining the benefit of Digiproving without any development work whatsoever. It is easy to install and does not require manual intervention. Once you have configured Digiprove by telling it what folders on what servers need to be Digiproved, it will automatically create the audit trail that tracks all new or changed content.

Digiprove Auto-protect can be quickly and simply deployed within a team, department, function and/or group to address specific sensitive digital content (documents, files, audio, video). The choice is with the customer to identify those folders/files within processes and/or role where additional trust is required now or in the future. The customer can select a subscription plan relevant to expected usage of the service. Because the software runs in the background, once a user has identified those folders which contain sensitive data, they do not need to worry about continuous maintenance, the software automatically takes care of regularly Digiproving the sensitive content with no visible performance impact for the user.

Want to see for yourself? Try out Digiprove Autoprotect now!

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