About Digiprove Certificates

What is a Digiprove Certificate?

A Digiprove certificate is a declaration by us that you were in possession of named and identifiable digital content at the specified date and time. The content is identified by its "Digital Fingerprint" which can easily be verified against the original content. The certificate is digitally signed using strong cryptography and is therefore secure against forgery.

How do I obtain a Digiprove Certificate?

Once you have registered as a user, the process is simple:
  • Log on at www.digiprove.com and go to "Digiprove a File" section
  • Select the file (on your own computer) and optionally enter a short description
  • That's it - you will then receive your certificate by email in both clear and digitally signed form
Your content file will not be uploaded to our server and its contents are not revealed to us or anyone else.
Find out more by perusing our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list about Digiproving
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