News - 25th September 2008:- Photographer proves ownership with Digiprove

When a friend told Trevor Hart "I saw your photograph on a billboard in Sweden", he was surprised. Trevor is a successful creative photographer based in Ireland, with blue-chip clients all over the world. But none in Sweden, so how did his concept for an image end up there?

The image in question featured an idea Trevor had come up with for his website showing a bottle of soy sauce with stormy waves inside. This was created in September 2007 and to prove his ownership he registered the image with Digiprove (, and then featured it on his professional website (  He can therefore prove beyond doubt that he had this idea before the Swedish advertising agency came up with the same concept earlier this year.

Trevor Hart said "Luckily, these situations don't happen too often, but it was nice in this case to be able to prove that this was my idea.  If I had not Digiproved this image, it would be my word against theirs as to who came up with the concept first.  I think Digiprove is just a great service."  Mark Elliott, Sales Director of Digiprove, said "We're delighted that Trevor was able to protect his good name and can assert his rights over his property using our service."

About Digiprove:
Digiprove makes available the benefits offered by the latest cryptographic techniques to anyone who needs to prove ownership of content or compliance with legislation.  It does so by delivering content certification services in an easy to use cost-effective manner over the web; the service is available to anyone with browser access to the Internet.
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